Sunday, September 26, 2010

Masking technique

With these photos i will try and show you how to use masks to create an overlapping look with your stamps.
Stamp the images you want to use on a piece of self adhesive paper ( i use post-it paper) Be sure it is non stick glue! We do want to be able remove the masks when we want to!
Now take your masks and set up a composition of the set you want to see on your card. Using masks gives you a good look on how the finished card is going to look like and it is an easy way to play around with the images without having to actually stamp.

If you have found the composition you like,remember ( or write down) the main focus on the card. That is the image you want to stamp first! It will be in front of all the other images.
Set aside the masks. They can be used again and again until they loose their stickyness.
Stamp your focus images. Since i want to use watercolors later, i emboss my images.
Take the masks and mask the images.
Stamp the next image. Since this is partially blocked by the masks,it will appear to be behind the first stamped images.

Mask the third pumpkin...

...and stamp the picket fence.

Mask the fence and stamp the tree. Remove all masks and you have a great base for a card. All it needs is some color.


Carol Q said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Basement Stamper said...

Great job on the masking, your tag turned out great!

Anne said...

Wonderful job masking and the finished project is FABULOUS!! Love the colors you used- so spooky!

Piddawinkle said...

clever idea to use the masks for deciding on the layout, and a beautiful tag, I am so tempted by that tree and you havent helped

Kaz said...

That's a fab tag Monique, these stamps go so well together don't they?