Friday, August 5, 2011

confetti holes tutorial by Joanne Wardle

I have the 5th part of my series on one layer cards in the issue of Craft Stamper which is out today.
In this "episode" I look at holes and apertures. In one of the "further idea" pieces I made confetti shaped holes, and I've been asked if they are hard to do.

They are not!

here's a quick tutorial of how to do them. This is not the card that is in the magazine, but a quick one made with a stamp from Stampotique.

Stamp image

to create confetti, use craft knife to make a wiggly cut

make another wiggly cut alongside this, crossing it once, twice, or more, if you like, or you can not cross them at all.

join the ends of the lines with cuts.

pop out the pieces

repeat process for more confetti

add more holes with a hole punch.

colour the image, and the inside of the card if desired.

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Gez said...

That's incredible Joanne!