Friday, October 4, 2013

Stone the Crows

Isn't it funny how and when inspiration strikes, I was attempting to do some gardening a few weeks ago when I found hidden under some overgrowth some really big pebbles that we bought back from the seaside about 15 years ago. I managed to drop one of these pebbles on my foot and cursed, "Stone the Crows!!". I then got to thinking about trips to the seaside as a small child and I remember on the sea front ladies selling large pebbles that had been painted with a local scene, I loved these pebbles but never got one. Then I got to thinking about decorating my garden pebble with stamps . . . of course! So I chose the stamps and got to work, beginning by painting the pebble green and then pink. I stamped Moon Girls Crow on tissue paper and cut out, I also stamped the Whole Heart sentiment on tissue paper. I stuck them in position using some PVA glue mixed with water 50/50. I used the heart from Tiny Hand Helds for extra detail and the spotty side from Design Cube to add the brown to blend it all together.
Hope you like it, wishing you a lovely day, Sam xxx


Janna said...

I love this! Crows are one of my favorite!! :) Happy stamping!

Kay Wallace said...

I have stamped on rocks before, Samantha, but never painted them. Definitely will try this technique, as I love how yours turned out! That crow is just gorgeous!

Kathi said...

So fabulous. I love the crow on the stone. I especially love the heart on it. Very cool.

davit hogg said...

Ik heb een vraag. De website lijkt te zijn geïnspireerd op fashion blogs. Ze verkopen alleen geen jurken maar werkbladen alsmede aanrechtbladen zoals composiet,keramiek,terrazzo,graniet. Wat vinden jullie van de website Top of flop?

Bast said...

What a beautiful stone! Really loved the story behind it. Absolutely adorable. Now I want to to decorate a ton of stones with Stampotique images to place in my garden.

Thanx so much for the inspiration