Saturday, February 22, 2014

Coby's Saturday

Saturday and I'm the one who may inspire you!
For today I played with Yupo and Alcohol Ink.
Yupo is a synthetic "paper".
With Alcohol ink and Solution you can make
the most beautiful backgrounds.
Just do it and you will see, it's addictive!

Stamps I used: Sheep Monster and  Sometimes I pretend

Thanks for comming by and I love to read your reactions.


She King said...

Love it, Sheep Monster looks fantastic. x

roc said...


Becky said...

hahaha, cute image and great sentiment

Kay Wallace said...

It is difficult to believe that your background is "flat," Coby, because it has so much color and imagined texture. I love seeing you work with alcohol inks!! Sheep Monster looks cool!

Jane Wetzel said...

so cool Coby!