Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy, happy, yum, yum

Here is a fast and simple little card that uses Kara Nichols' new image Yum, Yum and my tiny handhelds  and happy, happy
Kira's Yum Yum holds a little nut, but I though he might enjoy some ice cream.

Wouldn't  you?

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Claudine Criner said...

What a wonderful card, I love that you have him holding an ice cream cone. That background is wonderful as well. Lovely card!

Kay Wallace said...

Warmer days always make me think of ice cream cones, Janet, so I totally understand your inspiration for this cute card! Great combination of stamps!

Corrie Herriman said...

I love everything about this card. The colourful background with all the detail and Yum Yum holding his ice cream !
Corrie x

Coby van willigenburg said...

Love the different things in this card, and the icecream, jammie!

roc said...

Totally wonderful!