Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stella Sits pretty.... (by Joanne Wardle)

...pretty much on anything!

well in previous posts I've had her sat on a broom and a star, and if you keep an eye out this weekend I will have her sat on a dragonfly, but today I've sat her on stampotique's toadstool stamp. And if you were wondering what else you can do with the dragonfly, I have given her a set of dragon fly wings. This is a one layer card, achieved with careful use of masking and stamp positioning (but isn't as hard as it sounds)
I have doodled the edge, not something that I'm particularly great at but I'm pleased with how this turned out.

All of the Stamps are From Jo Capper-Sandon's range at Stampotique.


Carol said...

Joanne, This is a great presentation! Wonderful work!

Kaz said...

This is great Joanne and I love the doodling! x