Saturday, July 5, 2014

Coby's Saturday

So glad I can post by myself today! Last Saturday
Claudine Criner made a great blog post for me because 
our grandson was in hospital. Thanks again Claudine
it was so sweet and a great job!

Today it's the first Saturday of July so a new
calender page again. When I worked with the
gelliplate I put white paint on the plate and a piece of 
paper. Let it dry and pull it off, your plate is clean
and you have another great background:-)

Used stamps:


massofhair said...

Beautiful calendar page, great sentiment and a wonerful tip about cleaning your Gelli plate, thank you:-) x

Claudine Criner said...

Wonderful Calendar page Coby, I love it!

Kay Wallace said...

Your gelli print provides a very interesting backdrop for Frida and your perfect quote for her! I love your July calendar,Coby! Hope your grandson is getting better each day!

roc said...

So creative!